I think I have my quote of the week

“Who knew taking it up the butt was the path to eternal salvation?” – via someone named Angry, whom I don’t know very well, but like very much already.

12 thoughts on “I think I have my quote of the week

  1. Very kind of you to say so. It’s the only conclusion I could draw after reading that those evangelicals were getting more anal sex than everyone else.

  2. Who knew that young girls would benefit from sex with adults?

    Of course, Angry is making a clever point about defining virginity. Feminists actually gush over a nice juicy rape scene, correct procedures followed of course. (the booze first)

  3. And don’t forget Muslims, Angry. Those virgin worshipping guys and gals must love taking a big one up their butts.
    This is a great website.

  4. Hey everyone, don’t forget I’m the homophobe around here.

    Mike, my darling, I look forward to the entertainment you provide every morning, and you so rarely disappoint.

  5. Rann: “Bubbly was great when it was announced that Reagan could no longer recognize his wife, for example.”

    I guess any distraction from being you is a welcome relief, Rann. But, your welcome. And thanks for being you, so we don’t have to be.

    “Hey everyone, don’t forget I’m the homophobe around here.”

    The first step, Rann, the first step.

  6. I love being me, mikey baby.

    Now let’s try this again: how do you know I’m not gay, oh sexy butt?

    Now if the cork from that bubbly hit Reagan in the head, we’d have to open another bottle, just to see if we could do it again :).

    Love ya, lil’ mike, my darling sweetheart.

  7. Being near to your internet presence make me know love, peaches.

    Finally, I know love! Oh, my happiness is boundless. I’m just going to go skipping in the streets, singing about my gorgeous little mikey.

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