What can I tell you about Ukraine?

I can tell you that this is not necessarily a good thing, considering a culture of brutality that has been quietly festering within our troops (although this is mostly from anecdotal evidence – and I have tremendous respect for military personnel). Riot gear or no riot gear. Although I hope it’s all just stupid posturing among peacocks.

I can tell you that the situation is not nearly as bad as what’s happening in Russia, but that Russia can profit diplomatically if it does get that bad.

I can tell you that neither one of the leaders currently locked in a power struggle really cares about the safety of ordinary people – although I have continued to support Yuschenko over Yanukovich, because his ideas are much more progressive, and because he doesn’t look to Putin Corp. for everything. The reason why no one cares about the safety of ordinary people has to do with a lingering mentality of both the Soviets and the Empire that preceded the Soviets – the notion that people’s lives don’t matter, that aforementioned ideas are more important. It’s a disease that we all share, but the CIS has it much more than the States (no matter what apologists will tell you). Money and comfort make people softer to each other, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

I can tell you that capitalism alone will not save Ukraine. One of the reasons why Poland is doing so much better has to do with the fact that Poland, despite in spite of having it really bad, did not have it nearly as bad as places like Ukraine and Belarus. It wasn’t just an infrastructure that was being created – people’s minds were moulded and shaped in a certain fashion.

I can tell you more – when I’m home in a few weeks. I’m not entirely sure if going home is such an awesome idea, to be honest, and I hope that I’m not going to prove myself right on this one.

3 thoughts on “What can I tell you about Ukraine?

  1. Dear Natalia. Oh sorry for the weird comment above… I guess that’s up there cause I linked to you 🙂

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