Blog-stroll from the sidelines

Can’t blog. After a month and a half of drinking good vodka, I forgot about the existence of bad vodka. I have now been rudely reminded that yes, it does exist, and no, you can’t have more than a couple of shots without ruining the next 24-hours. Damn you, Absolut.

“I know it looked like I was trolling for sex, officer, but I feared for my life!” – Best headline on Feministe in recent memory. And the story that accompanies has that distinct, only-in-the-U.S. flavour. Not that I can’t imagine this happening in Saudi (I have a good imagination), but whatever.

LitLove is, among other things, into the wonderfully weird Andrei Makine. I surprised myself recently when I realized that I rather agree with Tatiana Tolstaya (you can purchase the article for $3 bucks, and it’s worth it if you’re ridiculously into literature) on most things Makine – this is considering the fact that if Tolstaya told me that the sky is blue, I’d probably punch myself in the face before nodding my head. So go figure.

As I’m into promotional art for movies (“300,” anyone?), this post by Sean T. Collins has me drooling and excited.

Ali Eteraz has started a very interesting new series: Praying in Other’s Houses of Worship. Poke him if you want to contribute.

In other religious news, Umar Lee recently wrote an interesting and passionate post on marital rape in Islam. A number of fucked-up comments followed. I was glad to see that a good portion of Umar’s Muslim readers responded quite sharply to certain statements that amounted to “rape is a husband’s prerogative if the dumb bitch won’t give in ’cause she’s got a stupid headache or something.” This was encouraging. I don’t agree with Umar on everything, but he inspires a lot of dialogue, and is one of those fun Muslim guys you’d love to have a beer with… if beer were halal.

And, on the home front (well, the semi-home front, since I’m not actually, you know, Russian – even though, as I have to keep reminding people, my mother is Russian and my first language is Russian, and that does mean a lot, even for a Ukrainian who happens to also be American who happens to live in… You know what, whatever) – Vilhelm Konnander asks: Sochi 2014: Burden or Blessing?

2 thoughts on “Blog-stroll from the sidelines

  1. Peace Natalia,

    My first time on your blog (though I’ve often seen your comments on Umar’s blog). I’ve enjoyed what I’ve seen. Insha Allah, I’ll be back.

    Abdur Rahman

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