Blog-stroll on Pokrov

Pokrov is an Eastern Orthodox religious holiday. It’s been a long time since I’ve spent Pokrov at home. I like it. It’s happy and low-key and very, very peaceful.

Ali Eteraz is… being Ali Eteraz. And pissing off Yvonne Ridley. Ye-a.

Pandagon’s latest book selection is Susan Faludi’s The Terror Dream. The dissection of the media myths following 9/11 sounds interesting enough (particularly wherein Jessica Lynch is concerned, IMHO), but somehow it all just doesn’t make me sweat or even raise an eyebrow- probably because so much of what the hysterical, soundbite-driven American media presents as actual gender politics is completely meaningless to begin with.

On a related note, a commenter on the Salon article that compared Faludi’s book and Springsteen’s new album actually made a crack about Condoleeza Rice’s “sex-slave stilettos.” Amid the anti-woman bullshit already being spewed, here was a woman attacking another woman over her choice of clothing, as opposed to, you know, her bloody policies – and it just made me want to throw up my hands and leave everyone to their special sandbox.

Anyway. If you, like me, are in Kiev this month – here are more things to see, things besides Pinchuk. There is always DAKH of course. Which is beautiful, and which was where we were last night.

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