Another Intermission

This makes me almost as happy as watching “Brotherhood of the Wolf” with a bowl of bon-bons in my lap.


7 thoughts on “Another Intermission

  1. Heh, my almost 18 yr old son would rather play this video game than play music or read, I don’t get it????

  2. Umm, is “Link” a boy or a girl? (C’mon, its not like I can change her/his diapers!)

    Truthfully, it is the violence I have a problem with, but I chide the boy, so he is sensitized (I hope) I just don’t want him losing touch with reality, that pain hurts!

  3. Link is male.

    I think the violence is pretty… Hm, I don’t know, to be honest, Zelda was a refuge to me and I’m very, very sensitive to that stuff (I’m actually writing an essay about it at the moment, hence all the nostalgia). I would worry about the standard shoot ’em up before I would worry about Zelda – IF you think your kid might be negatively affected. Although, if he’s almost 18, he’s probably just going to go “yeah whatever,” or “Ok,” and then do his own thing anyway (well, that’s what I was like at 18, lol).

  4. Oh! I just saw the page:
    I am nobody, who are you?
    Are you a nobody, too?
    How dreary to be a somebody,
    how public, like a frog,
    to tell your name the livelong day,
    to an admiring bog.

  5. Too funny, thank you, but you have a very good point about the “yeah” and “ok.” Further, I’m really NOT going to worry, cuz it won’t do me a darn bit of good. (As I shrug my shoulders, turning my hands outward and cocking my head to the side. “Oh Well”)

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