Some tasty blogging for us all to digest – and things to think about in the New Year

I’m a big Joss Whedon fan, but this post certainly got my attention. My reading of Chiwetel Ejiofor’s character in particular was different – I always thought him very clever, and noble in his own right, and that it was his ultimate compassion that both destroyed him and caused him to be re-born at the end of “Serenity” (shades of Woland’s words to Margarita after Satan’s Ball, methinks – but that’s a whole other digression), but the ideas expressed at Secular Apostasy need to be pondered (if only I had cider to assist me in my ponderage – if only it were cold enough to drink cider in the first place!). Wouldn’t it be interesting if there were a sequel to “Serenity,” starring Ejiofor’s character? 

This is just… well… There is a collection of a great deal of quotations on the issue at hand, please click on the links that kaktus provides.

The Apostate is showcasing some unpublished drafts – a fascinating exercise. Happy anniversary!

Here’s litlove on motherhood. Not that I’ve got any plans for that in the year 2008.  But I just might bookmark this post, for it will be useful down the road. Litlove has also announced the launch of something called The Best of New Writing on the Web. Something I hope will really take off in the coming year. Check it.

BlackAmazon is friends with someone I know offline (through one of my old jobs, actually). She was born in the same year as I. She loves the Chat Noir posters!!! But that’s all besides the fact that… Well, please go on over there and read. 

Kim’s pissed. Also, I’ve just noticed her lovely award graphic in the sidebar. At the risk of sounding completely un-profound: ROFLMAO.

And then there’s also a parody entitled “It’s Fard Out Here For A Pimp” –  a self-identified half-Irish Muslim revert discovers that even pimping can be halal. Think this is outlandish? Going too far? Man, I have met someone eerily similar once. And a journalist friend of mine once described a conversation that could have been the inspiration to this post – something that happened in London while he was on assignment, the “highlight” of his trip, as it was.

3 thoughts on “Some tasty blogging for us all to digest – and things to think about in the New Year

  1. Thank you so much for the mention here and your valuable support! I hope to see you in my best of the web blog in the not too distant future, Natalia!

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