The hell?

I know you’re not supposed to feed these things, but honestly, this is like a rare circus creature, it begs to be admired. If you believe this incredible story, the rare circus creature discovered me on an unnamed “fantasy forum” where a member supposedly brought up my fairy tales, then remarked that I am “pretty for a feminist.” Rare circus creature got all uppity as the result. She stalked my column, stalked my blog, made incredibly slanderous statements about me eslewhere in cyberspace, and has now decided to host her bulls… pardon, her “testament” on her own, super-special blog.

A few choice bits:

I’ve never met a real feminist who was pretty.

I’ve never met a bounty hunter or a member of the British royal family. I guess they mustn’t exist either.

I’ve been to Russia and there’s lots of good if deluded women there.

“Good if deluded”? Let me guess, you’re the sort of person who says things like “oh, I just love those Africans with their oversized necklaces and funny chants!”

Natalia doesn’t represent them.

Please give some proof of where it was that I’ve claimed to represent Russian women. I triple-dare you.

I liked The Apostate’s blog but I became angry and upset when I clearly saw she had also posted a suggestive picture of herself… Put some clothes on, Apostate.

“Cover your shame, woman!” Do you even KNOW who you sound like here? I may not be best buds with the Apostate, but that’s sick, hateful crap. You’re no better than the sexist men who have tried to humiliate her for wearing *gasp* a farking bikini top.

If you come to a bad end, Ren Ev, remember that the real feminists saw it coming. No it’s not a threat. It’s a simple reality check. You let men use you, so don’t be surprised if and when it goes too far.

My God you are a hateful little gremlin. How is this any different from a man telling a woman something like, “too bad you got raped, but you were wearing that short skirt. Everyone KNOWS what happens to women in short skirts..”??? You all but said, “hey, Ren, if you get killed… hah. Sucks for you.”

Jill Fillipovic is the original Fake Pretty Feminist. It’s all based on looks it’s all vapid it has nothing to do with women’s liberation.

It’s all “based on looks”? Pumpkin, it seems your LIFE revolves around looks, other people’s looks specifically. What the hell have you done for women anyway? Oh, I recall you balefully alluding to Super Important Work you have done In the Name of All Women when I was still tolerating you on this website (oh, and remember what I threw you off for? For laughing in my face when a friend of mine died and I wrote about it here. Oh, you’re just full of wimminly lurrrrv, are you not?!).

Jill owns you, you miserable gnome.

Sorry but this is a war, and you know what? You get to choose your sides in a war. If the Muslamists come after you for being who you are, don’t say we didn’t issue a warning to you when we still cared

Shorter FA: “Sorry, but you have the wrong kind of relationships. Maybe you’ll get killed, and I’ll get to have a big ‘I Told You So’ moment.” Nooo, she’s not wishing anyone come to any sort of harm, not at all.

If an ugly woman posts her picture on her blog, she is being transgressive. But a pretty conventional woman doing that is performing the exact opposite action. If you’re going to show off your looks to gain approval from men don’t call yourself a feminist.

And who’s the wise arbiter of beauty among us? You, FA? You know, based on this “logic,” it seems that women should be pretty much invisible. We shouldn’t have our faces out there, hell, we shouldn’t leave the house, lest some guy should get a boner.

Well, I seem to recall that the Taliban were not big fans of this whole “women showing their faces/women leaving their houses” thing either. So bravo, at the very least you’re not shivering alone on Irrational Hate Island.

If anything positive has come out of this entire debacle so far, it’s that Caroline has been busy being both beautiful and smart. And Ren has a great discussion on her blog, which has inspired more stuff from Belle. And Kim picks apart this dumbass even further.

So I’ve got nothing much to add, besides the fact that this entire thing is gross. I have no idea what sort of sewer such epic creatures emerge from, and I really hope they would just stay there.

13 thoughts on “The hell?

  1. Why are you even writing this, Natalia? Don’t you have make-up to put on or a miniskirt to buy in order to destroy the feminist movement?

    But I think my favorite line of her post is this:

    “[Natalia’s] actual problem is thinking that Muslim women have voices at all. She does it because she’s a sell-out and Muslamist ally, she’s acting as if a feminist can view a Muslim with anything BUT rejection or pity.”

    First, “Muslamist.” Amazing. Second, how dare you believe that Muslim women are human beings with feelings and opinions and brains?!

    As for the rest of it, well, I thought Jessica Valenti (or maybe Gloria Steinem?) was the original fake pretty feminist. Someone send Feminist Anonymous the memo.

    Ok, retreating to my den of feminist vice now…

  2. Second, how dare you believe that Muslim women are human beings with feelings and opinions and brains?!

    I don’t think she thinks that anyone is a human being. She thinks that people are robots with certain ideologies programmed into them. Some have the “right” kinds (well, FA has the “right” kind, I don’t think anyone quite measures up to her lofty standards), everyone else is deeply wrong, and ought to suffer dearly.

    As for the rest of it, well, I thought Jessica Valenti (or maybe Gloria Steinem?) was the original fake pretty feminist.

    She’s got a weird obsession with all things Feministe.

  3. Cheers. Victim-blaming, slut-shaming, and white privilege pretending to be woman-elevating. Wendy Shalit, anyone? Is Phyllis Schafly in town?

    (looks around, confused) WHERE DID THAT COME FROM? It couldn’t have been me; I don’t have a voice because I’m a poor, helpless “Muslam!”

  4. I actually stumbled across her blog (dare we call it that) by accident awhile ago. This woman is clearly one flew over the cuckoos nest…

  5. Wow, that’s a lot of attention, Natalia. That remark on “Muslamist ally” definitely wins the day!

    Maybe Germaine Greer? i.e. If we’re still nominating for the original “fake pretty feminist”…

  6. This is appalling… that anyone who claims to be advocating for women could spend so much of her time spewing hatred for other women is just so fucking awful. Thank (insert deity of choice here) that I’m past the point in my life where that kind of slut-shaming, victim-blaming nonsense could get to me. It’s just so disheartening to hear it coming from someone who claims to be my ally.

  7. This may be one huge coincidence, but I can’t help but notice a connection between the name “Feminist Anonymist” and the infamous Internet group Anonymous. That seems to me to be a huuuuuge tip-off that this is just a troll.

  8. In the post after that ridiculous rant FA says:

    “I don’t want to have to compromise my values for anyone not even another woman and I don’t recommend you do it either.”

    But then proceeds to instruct everyone else because she knows The Way Forward. It’s just sad and quite offensive.

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