Britain and Ukraine, Miliband and Yuschenko, Politics and Posturing

I have to laugh when I see people like Victor Yuschenko stand self-righteously stand against tyranny with David Miliband (i.e. with a representative of the same country that helped illegally invade Iraq, whose politicians will never admit that their idiotic actions have inspired the general lawlessness of today) while the British press laps it all up. Honestly, what is it about the love affair between the BBC and Yuschenko? Like, you people aren’t at all aware how he sold us all out, both his supporters and the opposition, following the Orange Revolution? Oh, but of course, Ukraine is just that quaint little country your sex tourists go to, you’re not the ones who have to contend daily with a tuberculosis epidemic, jacked-up prices, neo-Nazis, and mob violence.

If Russia bombs us, it won’t be your problem. It won’t be your fathers and mothers in pieces. You’ll be having the time of your lives in your newsrooms as more and more of your citizens tune into the latest spectacle from our post-Soviet dystopia, slightly charming in that whole kitschy, floppy-eared hat kind of way. You’re not neighbours with Russia, you don’t have a sizeable chunk of the population speaking Russian, so what do you have to worry about? Chaos and turmoil? The possibility of a Crimean secession? You don’t give a crap about any of that, and neither does your government.

You don’t share a border with Russia, and therefore good ol’ Mr. Miliband can shake hands and talk tough and face no consequences. He’s got his own position and people to look after. Does Mr. Yuschenko, who was recently snapped talking on a trendy and illegal iPhone (gosh, what a step down from his son’s Vertu – why don’t you cowards write about that, huh? Where does the MONEY for these people’s toys come from, do you EVER stop to wonder?), look out for his people? Can you say “yes” to me and keep a straight face?

The BBC will always stress how Mr. Yuschenko is a pro-Western politician, completely ignoring the fact that Mr. Yuschenko is first and foremost a pro-Yuschenko politician. But as I already mentioned, they’re not the ones living in Russia’s shadow.

You will ask, “but what is the solution, Natalia? What do you do in this situation?” And I’ll tell you honestly that I don’t know. That the most I can hope for is the aversion of another war. But as long as it’s Ukrainian and Russian and Georgian and Ossetian lives that are on the line, I doubt anyone in Western seats of power will think the way I do. For all of their posturing, no one cares if more people die.

We are expendable. We’re good enough to be your “whores,” but not much else.

10 thoughts on “Britain and Ukraine, Miliband and Yuschenko, Politics and Posturing

  1. The term”pro-West”in itself is a false and divisive stereotype. What does it say US against them. Which side of the fence are you? Your either with US or against US.

    It is used to blur the edge and focus on America. If the rest of the West do not support the USA, god forbid if they dare speak up against the USA and Uncle Sam, the USA with its gang of close allies will act independently in the name of the West carrying the coalition slogan “In the name of Christian democracy”.But whose church and in whose name do these neo-con evangelists represent.

    There chant of hatred is to isolate and discriminate against there”enemy” and as always it is the innocent that have to pay the price for this political game play.

    If you can not find a reason to be friends and to cooperate then find a common enemy that can bind a friendship out of false premis. Even if it means lying to your friends and those that follow you. Truth is always the first casuality of war.

  2. Yes, Natalia, what DO you do? I agree, Miliband like anyone involved in Iraq has no moral authority whatsoever to say ‘it’s wrong to invade another country and challenge its territorial borders’ bla bla bla. But who has got moral authority these days? The pope? Vaclav Havel? Not Saakashvili, who practically turned tanks against his own people not so long ago, for sure not Russia which claims to be supporting South Ossetians gain their independence so they can escape ‘genocide’ (which has to be among the most abused words in the English lexicon these days) but happily wages a pretty genocidal war in Chechnya to prevent it ever being independent… But if we follow this argument to its conclusion, where do we end up? No one has the moral right to say anything about anything. So should Miliband and Yushchenko be sitting back and saying, go ahead, Russia, do what you want, stir up more trouble between Ukrainians and Russians in Ukraine, take back Crimea? I don’t think so. I’m not a Yushchenko fan, but I think claiming that the fact he uses an iPhone thus somehow disqualifies him from having anything important to say about Russia and Georgia is… illogical. Nihilistic. Ukraine has to look for help wherever it can, right now. Sure, the British government and most Brits don’t care about Ukrainians, Georgians, Ossetians… why should they? How could they, if they’ve never met any? Can you honestly say you really, PERSONALLY care about.. (uh, picking at random) Tibetans? You know as well as I do that no war has ever been entered into on behalf of another country because we actually care about those other people. You know as well as I do that if Tibet had any oil pipelines going to the West, the Olympics wouldn’t have been in China this year. Ukraine, like Georgia, has the misfortune to be geopolitically significant to Europe and the US and Russia, and I don’t see that Yushchenko really has much choice in who he shares a podium with.

    That said, if I read another reference in the British press to Yushchenko’s former ‘film-star good looks’ I may well throw up.

  3. Yuschenko can start by focusing on not tearing this country apart.

    You know as well as I do that Yuschenko’s corrupt though, and an iPhone is just a tiny example (of how one set of rules applies to him and people like him, and another to everybody else).

    I get accused of being a nihilist all the farking time – why, because I don’t want to see my family die as the result of these geopolitical games? Then so be it. Wanna talk down to me? I’ve had 13 years of the same old shit, ever since I first immigrated.

  4. I wasn’t talking down to you – got far too much respect for the views you express on this blog. I just get despairing when people like you who clearly understand and care passionately about politics get reduced to the same old ‘everyone’s corrupt, no one’s got the right…’

    And listen, I don’t want to see Ukrainians or Georgians or any one else I love die either.

  5. I know this isn’t the time for ideals, because no one else sticks to them anyway.


    1. The British press is relatively free, so there is no excuse for BS.


    2. Instead of running around doing photo-ops, Yuschenko should be reaching out to the East and Yanukovich right now. I don’t like Yanukovich any more than I like Yuschenko, but if this country is going to be preserved, people like that need to work together, and Yanukovich has shown signs that he wants to be a Ukrainian politician.

    When Russia gets antagonized, the blows land on her neighbours, not on the ones doing the antagonizing. If Yuschenko thinks he won’t get sold out, he has another thing coming.

    Harm reduction and careful diplomacy, this is the best that can be done.

  6. Hello Natalia, I am a US citizen that is fighting these thugs too. Check out RENSE.COM and look for my name ‘Schwarz’.

    The British Press is part of the Zionist New World Order as is the US media.

    You are right, the Zionist West could not care less about Georgia or Ukraine or how many die. This is all a part of a US and UK strategy to get at the Russian oil and gas might.

    I know them well, my office was in Washington DC for 7 years, 12 years experience on Wall Street.

    Russia did not attack, Russian citizens in South Ossetia were attacked.

    It was the US, Israel, Georgia with the intent of stirring up this hornets nest.

    Russia has suffered enough as has the Ukraine.


  7. Natalia, is there someplace I can go that can get me up to speed on what’s happening in the Ukraine? I confess to not paying much attention after the Orange Revolution. Despite my ignorance I agree with you on one thing. The West (i.e. Western Europe and the US) will sell the Ukraine out in a heartbeat.

  8. I don’t believe in a Zionist conspiracy (and I’m not having any debates about toxic shit like this on this site, just to be perfectly clear). I believe in the Grand United Theory of Assholery.

    Kevin, I honestly don’t know a good English-language site that documents the issues well. I’ll look for one.

  9. Natalia, stop being nihilistic! 😛

    (I have to say, this is the last word I would ever associate with you…so excuse me for finding this accusation somewhat amusing!)

  10. re. your points above:

    1. The british press is somewhat free. And it’s incredibly lazy, like most of the great british public.

    2. Bravo. You see, you do know what to do after all. good for you, I take back the word nihilism and am eating it as i write.

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