Bristol Palin and the Meaning of the Word “Choice”

I don’t know if Bristol Palin wanted to keep this pregnancy, though I hope that she did and that she does well for herself no matter what. I don’t want to speculate, but then again, half of the United States is celebrating her decision to keep the baby, so yes, it is being used as a political tool, no matter what.

It’s funny how this decision is being celebrated using the word “choice.” Funny also that Sarah Palin, who is pro-forced pregnancy, said that she would “choose life” if her daughter were to become pregnant as the result of a rape.

The only reason why you folks are able to “choose” anything is due to the fact that abortion, right now, is legal.

If people like you outlaw it, then “choosing life” won’t be an option. There will be no choice. You won’t get to make decisions. You won’t get to celebrate anything. You will be baby-making machines, doing what the government tells you.

Think about it.

Renee has more on Bristol Palin’s pregnancy and the hoopla around it. I like what she says about Bristol Palin’s race and class being important in all of this. We all know that it’s much easier for the GOP to “celebrate life” when white, relatively well-to-do young women are giving birth.

Now, I don’t want to hold up Bristol Palin as a symbol of anything, but she is already being used in this fashion and how to stop that? I don’t even know. Be well and good luck, Bristol Palin.

One thought on “Bristol Palin and the Meaning of the Word “Choice”

  1. As I read this I’m listening to Fred Thompson speak at the republican convention. The camera focused in on the one non-white person in the crowd who hasn’t been adopted by the McCains. It makes me wonder why the Palins don’t force their daughter to give the baby up for adoption as Dr. Laura would prescribe.

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