I have missed the European gloom

It’s the sort of thing you don’t expect to miss, not really, but there you go.

It’s the gloom that makes you appreciate tea, cashmere, stockings, cats, the long hiss of the electric kettle, the howling of dogs in the night. You discover the true value of cinnamon, picture albums, and the feeling that a long December will be alright in spite of itself. Maybe a part of you will die, but you will give it such a funeral – with mulled wine and church bells – that no one will be able to tell you that you have let it go to waste.

4 thoughts on “I have missed the European gloom

  1. what a lovely paragraph!

    I’m in New England, and it’s unseasonably warm here and has been all fall. on the one hand I hate cold weather. But on the other hand, everyone knows the best way to drink hot chocolate is while it’s snowing out, or when your boots are still drying off from the snow you trekked through to get home. And how could I possibly appreciate spring without having spent several weeks praying against my atheism for it to arrive? I mean I can go out wearing only two layers instead of four. That’s nonsense!

    but, there’s still January and February, which are usually worse here than December, and once the winter shows up in full force here it doesn’t dwindle for a long, long time…

  2. I loved this post. Came across your blog as a link popped up on a friend’s post. You really captured something beautiful about gloom. Who knew that was possible?

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