Happy Video of the Day: Edith Piaf

Because we need a little happiness on this site, and my friend Anna has kindly provided:

Edith Piaf & her sexytime husband, Theo Sarapo (talk about older women and younger men, *wink*).

And here is the translation!

3 thoughts on “Happy Video of the Day: Edith Piaf

  1. After reading a thousand posts on the crisis and other shit, how nice to run into this… Thank you, Natasha! I still have a crush on her boxer boyfriend, Marcel Cerdan, who died in a plane crash… There was a film about the two of them, and I went to see it at least three times when I was 12 and 13… :)))

  2. It’s very sad, how she lost her love. 😦 I’m terrified of planes, so I can’t even think about that story without getting all clammy.

    This song is great though. 😀

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