Things for you to read (and look at) at the door of Spring 2009

Spring is my favourite season. I’m writing an essay and a short story on the subject right now, and while I’m doing that, please check out the following:

Hexy interviewed by Renee Martin. This is a really good, and really important read for any feminist, womanist, sex worker rights advocate, progressive person, and so on and so forth. Did I mention I love both of these women? I really do.

Aaminah Hernández guests at Problem Chylde. Racefail ’09 wasn’t really about feminism, but this is a good post to read on the tail-end of that debacle. I think the dynamic being discussed there is pretty relevant to any conversation where in racism is brought up.

Nina Hartley: My Brunch with Barbie. Found this one via Ren (thanks, Ren!). Nina Hartley’s been featured as one of the Beautiful People on this blog (i.e., folks I love to ogle), but she is much more than that, and you can see why.

Neil Gaiman just lost someone (you can find out who after clicking on the main page of his journal, but read the post I link to first). My sincere condolences to him. It’s amazing – the people we love drop out of space and time suddenly, go elsewhere, but the day just trickles on, professional obligations must be met, words must be said, food must be chewed and swallowed. Maybe there’s something good about that. When I got news of Yaroslava – I felt like my legs had melted down onto the rug, and that was where I pretty much stayed. Things are different when you have somewhere to go, something to do. Maybe.

Daisy on Jack Sterling. That’s right, people, steal 278 million dollars – go to jail for 5 years. 5. Meanwhile, our idiotic “‘war on drugs” ensures that other people get locked up for decades. And it looks like nothing’s changing. More Daisy – on sickness and the body. As inspired by Julie. Who was herself inspired by BFP and Jess’s series (Re)Thinking Walking.

On the local front: I’d completely missed this photo-essay at And Far Away before. Low quality? Natalia begs to differ. There is a great calm in pictures of pictures. I like calm.

Speaking of things I’d missed back in February – this story about a Facebook status suicide note. I want to find out more about the person behind it. You’re going to say it’s just morbid fascination, but still. The NY Daily News story on the man who took his life will make you even sadder. The person who forwarded me this story noted that the quotes used made his mother sound “evil.” I don’t know. It’s hard to talk to a reporter at a time like that and say what you really want to say. And the mother had already lived through the suicide of her child’s father…

But this might cheer you up, on the other hand. It’s also a very good reminder of how the economic crisis is taking lives.

I’m glad this piece should be on the way to me soon! Please check out the whole of Olha’s site. She is wonderful.

I think I am all linked out for now. Will brave the wind in the streets for a bit. And will write some more. Take care of yourselves, darlings.

7 thoughts on “Things for you to read (and look at) at the door of Spring 2009

  1. Thanks for the linky love and I agree Hexy had some great points to make in that interview. I hope that people will stop talking about sex trade workers and actually listen to what they have to say for a change.

  2. But Renee, we can’t have that! These people don’t fit into the ideology, you see! If they keep running their mouth, it… it… it will be anarchy!



  3. natalia – isn’t it cliched to like spring? i always preferred fall. i used to like renee martin by the way even if i don’t agree on “sexwork”. but i realized she sold out and writes for globalcomment. no offense to the work both of you do (i know you are the editor) but globalcomment is just mainstream media trying to conceal that fact with its “diversity.” i wish both of you would dedicate yourselves to worthwhile causes instead. but money matters more. right?

  4. Cranky, I’m sure Renee will be crushed to find out that some random misogynist troll on the internet thinks she’s a “sell-out.”

    I know I am.

    *tying myself to the railroad tracks, etc.*

  5. I hope that people will stop talking about sex trade workers and actually listen to what they have to say for a change.


    Thanks for the plug, Natalia 🙂

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