8 thoughts on “The prettiest thing I’ve seen… in a while: Paul Newman and James Dean

  1. a nice treat, Natalia. Thank you. :)))

    Yes…I heard once, I am sure it is an myth but anyway. I heard Paul Newman had such amazing piercing dark blue eyes that one day he was walking down the road with some other actor and a village woman was passing by with a basket of laundry on her head. As he glanced up to meet her eye for a second- she fainted. I am sure it is not true, but would you not want to believe it happened? 🙂

  2. Paul Newman was great at everything, that’s what Elizabeth Taylor said on him: “He was purity of heart. Working with him was such a joy. Knowing him, being his friend, was as golden as the sunset and a privilege I’ll never forget.”

    Here I’ve tried to collect all notable tributes paid to Paul Newman by his famous peers:


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