Tuesday music: the first of September edition

Today is the day that schoolchildren begin their year around here. The anniversary of Beslan. The symbolic (if not scientific) beginning of autumn. The day the harvest of a particular grain begins (damned if I remember which one right now). I walked all over town in high heels, my feet are torn all over the place, my body sore, I saw a Jack Russell terrier wearing pearls, and I’m happy.

Swagger – Flogging Molly
Angel Dream No. 4 – Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
Malena – Astor Piazzolla
Nothing’s Gonna (Change Your Mind) – Badly Drawn Boy
Hussel – M.I.A.
One More Time – Daft Punk
Too Bad About You – Eleni Mandell
The Ohio Song – The Brak Show
Quicksand – La Roux
Lenochka – Soncekliosh

“Sing a little song of loneliness,
Sing one to make me smile.
Another round for everyone,
I’m here for a while.”

Here are Soncekliosh with the “Lenochka” video. I think you can figure out who they’re channeling here, at least part of the time:

3 thoughts on “Tuesday music: the first of September edition

  1. I loved the video. Does Markscheider Kunst (from St. Petersburg) ever play in Kiev? If so, go and dance. Also really happy Russian-language reggae/ska/latin music.

  2. I think I will. Go dancing that is. 🙂

    It’s hilarious the difference between Kiev & Amman. In Kiev they’re like, “wow this chick is wearing shorts and a t-shirt and her hair’s unwashed, how rude of her.” In Amman it’s like, “SHORTS AND T-SHIRT AND SHE’S BLONDE!!!!!!!!!!”

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