Way to go, Democrats

As Sarah Jaffe points out,

Representative Bart Stupak (D-Michigan—yes, D, that’s not a typo)… doesn’t think that health insurance should provide abortion coverage. He thinks women should have to buy a separate rider that would cover abortion. Because, y’know, women like me totally plan on aborting lots of babies.

The Stupak-Pitts amendment to the health care reform bill that passed the House yesterday was approved not only by almost all Republicans, but by 64 Democrats, including two women. 26 of them then went on to vote against the health care bill, along with all but one Republican…

It would do exactly what conservative opponents of health care have been whining about for months now: come between a woman and her doctor. It would also come between a woman and her health insurance company, since it creates an additional restriction on what private companies can do—proving once again that when it comes to women’s bodies, there’s no regulation too strong for conservatives.

Awesome. Woo. Because we all know that only wealthy women actually deserve adequate medical care. The rest of us are worthless trash anyway, and should be treated accordingly – both by our congresspeople and the medical establishment.

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