Monday Music: in honour of Kris and perfect weeks and weekends

I got a package from the beautiful Kris Bernard right smack on New Year’s Eve, and have been exposed to a ton of new music (not to mention new hats). I haven’t had time to start listening properly until today — it’s been a ridiculous few days, happy and weird — but now that I am, I am once again struck by how lucky I am. I’ve been getting struck by that feeling a lot, in the last few days, which is infinitely better than getting struck by falling icicles.

Pictures – Galaxie 500
Do Me a Favour – Arctic Monkeys
Wonderwall – Oasis
Let it Loose – the Rolling Stones
Vicious – Lou Reed
So Glad to See You – Hot Chip
On the Radio – Regina Spektor
Vasya – Soncekliosh
Rough Steez – Fuck Buttons
I’ll Always Love You – Love Spirals Downwards

Here’s a suitably wintry video with music from my Soviet childhood:

I’m not ashamed to admit it, Knut pretty much made sure that I will be a polar bear addict for life. Better than crack, I guess.

Here’s Bloc Party:

And here’s to people I love:

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