Late-night Lord of the Rings homage

Is suitably dramatic.

“Many are the strange chances of the world.”

17 thoughts on “Late-night Lord of the Rings homage

  1. Oh my God I came over here from feministe just wondering what kind of woman would say “objectification can be fun” on a feminist site, and what the fucking fuck? Do you even know what kind of a cliche you are or do you need it spelled out? “Deface” is right, I’m pretty shocked anyone at Feministe let you guestblog for the site and I think I might have lost a little respect for Jill Fillipovic now. Im new to the movement at this moment in time, but even I realize that no-one resembling you can be called “feminist.” Why don’ tyou take your boots and GTFO to the porn sites, they would love you. Leave feminism to the people who care. Ugh. Disgusting.

  2. Saw this on facebook and thought it was a bit creepy but I have to say the new banner works. It says something like, “I was just shooting quail with Lara Croft and will now relax on my bed whilst contemplating my next adventure.” I think it’s the boots.

  3. Natalia:

    Love the pics, but you have stinkin’ lousy trigger discipline. 🙂

    Keep your finger off the trigger until you’re ready to fire. Or, more fun to say: “Keep yer booger-hook off the bang switch until it’s shootin time.” 🙂

    I’m sure you checked to see the gun was unloaded before you took the pic of you lying down with the muzzle pointed at your chin..and left the action open? Please say yes. I’d miss your posts.



  4. K-baby is one of those vile queen bee types that thinks her stuff never gets stinky. I love your boots, warrior maid of Gondor. Geek out!

    That’s not a real gun is it? Paintball or something?

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