A few things to remember you by

me attempting to rip-off some "28 Weeks Later" cinematography while at Wawel Castle
more Wawel: onward, my minions. I'll watch you fight to the death for me, and maybe have some tea.
moar Wawel! "I just want to feel! Real love! Feel the home that I live in!"
not quite dragon's teeth, but they will have to do
shortly after squatting down to take this picture on our walk to Market Square, I nearly fell face first into a puddle. I am made of class.

7 thoughts on “A few things to remember you by

  1. A castle fit for a Queen…..and the Queen is Ms. Natalia Antanova. You look beautiful or it could be just the backdrop. Ya, its the backdrop, beautiful places bring out the beauty in most people but you are beautiful, when you strike a pose. Wait a minute, am I giving you a compliment this couldn’t be, ahhh but it is, nooooo……HAAAHaaa

    Nice pictures, how much did you pay the photographer, 30 lignite briquettes, three bottles of beers and a one way ticket out of poland. HAAHaa

    So whats a silly, lanky, blondy girl doing in Poland?

    Answer at your own peril…

    Ha Ha


  2. “Don’t sweat the petty stuff&don’t pet the sweaty stuff,” as my sister always used to say. It’s ok for cute girls to keel over for the sake of beautiful photos. As long as the girl’s only intoxicated with beautiful scenery. Class shmass 🙂

    Love the photos. You’re reminding me of how much I want to travel again.

  3. Tabby cat, did you go to the Sarah Palin school of feminism or something? You sound like somebody who learned how to talk to other women by studying in a school called Our Lady of the Iron Underwear (if you’re even female). I suspect that if Nat wore Birkenstocks and grew out her leg hair you’d have a problem with that too. If she turned vegan and studied Diane Fossey, you’d have a problem with that. If she grew round like Andrea Dworkin did in her later years, you’d have a problem with that.

    Feminism is about equality among all genders AND among people of the same gender, building each other up instead of tearing each other down.

    Your statements would lead me to believe that you’re a very young or a very uneducated boy with a creepy crush, or you’re a very young uneducated or cruelly educated girl who’s insanely jealous of Nat, and probably only because she’s pretty.

    If you’re going to argue with her, argue about something people care about. And mind your manners, already.

  4. @TabbyCat

    TabbyCat, you’re searching hard here for a pretext to attack Natalia. Natalia is actually dressed modestly in those photos. Her all-black ensemble covers her completely, and her coat is actually designed to cover her hips. What more do you want?

    The previous commenter may be right that you have a crush on Natalia and you annoy her just to get her attention. Maybe you’re inspired by Cranky Liberal, who seems to have the same stategy.

    Natalia: Great outfit. Hope that Poland cures your SAD and other blues.:)

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