Because one of my writer friends is currently kicking serious ass

This precious gif is dedicated to him (and to healthcare reform, but mostly to him):

I’d gift a horror-themed gif, because the area of kickage is horror, but unsurprisingly, there is a very limited number of happy horror gifs out there. Hm. Well. Except for maybe this one:

You keep kicking ass now. And brains.

As for me, I am holed up working. After the events of this week, it’s the least that I should be doing. The Moscow that is outside my windows might as well not exist. I don’t even have time to walk along the river, listen to Goldfrapp, and moon over things. That’s how busy I am. Busy and exhausted and full of thoughts. They hum in my head like evening traffic on Tverskaya.

The one thing I’ve realized this week, and this year so far in general is this: no matter what happens to me, the one thing that nobody will ever be able to say about me is that I haven’t lived.

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