My hallowed Halloween tradition involves watching “28 Days Later”

Or some other classic. Which is predictable, but whatever. Too much upheaval in the world already. Do you have a hallowed Halloween tradition too?

Last year, my cousin Solomia and I were at an all-night showing of Swedish shorts at the Molodst Film Festival for Halloween. We learned phrases such as “a turned-on pine tree” (in a movie about dendrophiliacs).

Solomia also came up with a rap song:

Скажи нет жестяку!
Забей на тоску!
Иди домой спать –
Завтра будешь летать!

An instant hit.

Last night, I think I must have spent at least an hour babbling about horror movie tropes in modern RPG games, while The Man looked on indulgently. We will tempt him to the dark side yet. Just call this one a work in progress for now. To that end, enjoy (although the phrase “sofa-soiling” is sorely overused here).

Oh, and speaking of:

I’m for restoring sanity, I think. More pictures here.

5 thoughts on “My hallowed Halloween tradition involves watching “28 Days Later”

  1. I normally settle down for some Tim Burton of a Samhain Eve but I haven’t got round to it for some reason…

    As far as the rally photos go, I think THIS was my favourite.

  2. Try “The Descent”, we watched it Saturday night… pretty good.

    We also watched “Let The Right One In”, which would have been two steps beyond excellent if any of the adult characters had been even a touch realistic.

    This was our son’s first Halloween, so we dressed him up like The Joker, hooked up with some friends and took him around the village. Good times.

  3. I actually watched “The Descent” in Dubai. It’s pretty excellent. Did you see the original version of “Let the Right One In”? I LOVED the book.

    Tim Burton is perfect for autumn in general, methinks.

  4. I have a hard time with horror movies where the monster limit is set to ‘infinite’. The monsters in Descent were cool, but there were just too many of them. I’m renting the sequel this week, but from what I’ve read it’s not nearly as good.

    If you have a chance, take a look at “Ginger Snaps”, the first one, not the sequels. It’s probably the best werewolf movie ever made.

    I saw the original LTROI, but the English dubbed version. I want to re-watch it with subtitles because the dub actors sucked (pun).

    I definitely want to see the American remake.

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