Life, death and pomegranate therapy

If times are not good, it may be a good time to eat a pomegranate. Not only is that thing rich in iron, when in the process of devouring it, you may begin to understand why it’s symbolic of spring. I don’t believe that there is a “proper” way to eat a pomegranate – just make sure to devote your attention to it as you’re doing it. It’s a messy fruit, which means that it demands your concentration. It has to be you and the pomegranate. It can’t be you, the pomegranate and the internet, for example. It really oughtn’t be you, the pomegranate and your problems. You can cast those aside for the time being, so that you can give the pomegranate your full attention.

It was probably meant to be eaten while naked, but if you’re like me and still trying to get over the flu and are mostly in bed, then you can eat it in your best, worst clothes. The sort of clothes you wear when you’re not even trying. Sometimes, not trying is good.

If you struggle with being good to yourself, like I sometimes do, a pomegranate may be a good place to start. It’s the colour of rubies – but way cheaper and more useful. It’s sweet but not too sweet. It inspires a dedication to gratifying yourself. It stands out against the backdrop of a Russian winter – even one as fluffy and white and crystalline as we’re having this time around in Moscow.

“Nadia, what do you live for?” – Is a question from one of my favourite plays by Anna Yablonskaya. If you ever find yourself even asking yourself that question, try getting your hards on a whole pomegranate. Cut it open slowly and eat it just as slowly, and think – I live for me.

5 thoughts on “Life, death and pomegranate therapy

  1. This is so damn accurate 🙂 Pomegranates and yoga: the only things that stop my mind whirring, fretting or musing for more than a second 😛

  2. There have been suggestions by some scholars that the forbidden fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil in the Garden of Eden was a pomegranate. Maybe that’s why you are finding yourself wanting to get naked to eat one.

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