Did someone say “baby picture”?

o hi

He looks like daddy, but has my hair colour. Not that you can tell from this picture, since most of the hair that exists on his head is currently in the back.

Also, the so-called auto-focus is a sick joke, haha.

10 thoughts on “Did someone say “baby picture”?

  1. Cuuuuute!!

    I’ve read that babies tend to look more like their daddies in the first year of life than they do later. (What a curious adaptation!) You may see more of yourself–or your side of the family–next year.

  2. He’s a very smiley baby, that picture doesn’t capture what he’s capable of when he’s in the right mood.

    For the first few weeks of his life, he was like a mini-me, minus the boy-parts. Now he’s All Lyosha, All The Time. Like a carbon copy of his baby pictures, with more modern baby clothes.

    Who knows what he’ll end up looking like ultimately? I sure don’t.

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