I realize Ukraine is a “developing nation” and all

But Eff Em Ell! Do things have to be So Very Bad right now?! First there’s no heating when we get in. Now we haven’t had water all evening – and may not have water for the next 16 hours (I just accidentally typed “years” – I am SUFFERING over here, dammit). Grizzled workmen digging around the pipes out on the street told my brother that the water situation depends on “God’s will” at this point. I do not like it when grizzled workmen make such dire pronouncements.

I need to beat the crap out of an oligarch.

P.S. My husband has some weird illness and clearly, We Are All Going To Die. Soon. Goddamit.

8 thoughts on “I realize Ukraine is a “developing nation” and all

  1. I’m sorry that you’re having to deal with this, it sounds like a giant pain in the ass.

    In other news though, I love you for using the Sad George Michael gif. I can hear “Christmastime is here” playing in my head.

  2. I see the post-partum depression has taken a little while later than usual to kick in.

    “God’s will” just means “Hell, Lady, I don’t know. You need to talk to a boss. All I get paid to do is stand out here in a muddy ditch in the cold digging a damn hole.”

  3. My mother went out there and was pretty and smiled at them, and we have some cold water. For now. Until the morning, at which point they will recommence digging.

    Apparently, there’s some sort of Super Important link-up to the local airport down there, and they need some Super Secret Blueprints to go in and fix things, or else the airport gets shut down (not Borispil International, just the little local airport next door – where the cows fly in on old Antonovs, or whatever).

    Or maybe the Super Secret Blueprints are also codewords for “You need to talk to a boss.”

  4. Toronto just joined Kiev. We’ve lost electricity three times in the past couple of days; first time for five hours, second time it came back on after five hours and then blew again within a minute and was out for more hours. I’ve just about gone through my stock of candles and neighours are beginning to think dark conspiracy thoughts.

  5. Synaesthetik and the kids and I are without heat too. Better than sleeping in my storage locker, I guess. I can at least turn on the oven for an hour at a time.

    I’m with Pragmatic Realist on the “God’s Will” issue. Remember what that means on this side of the pond? “They don’t pay me enough for PR work. Ask the boss what’s going on, or grease up my palm so I can work faster.”

    Not that the translation gives you any kind of power to solve the problem. You don’t have any grease for these guys.

    You don’t have to beat the oligarchs just yet. How about a very public bonfire in a trashcan or something? Burning stuff sometimes helps with my anger issues 😛 And fire keeps you warm.

  6. Oops. I forgot to switch back after Syn introduced herself to my blogger buddies. That last comment was from me, xena, not my sister 🙂

  7. Kaut gan jā, tā lepni uaskzrtīju, ka vietējie ir “patriotiskāki” uzņēmuma glābšanā – jāatzīst ka mēs, latvieši gan esam negatīvs piemērs šajā ziņā – kaut vai mūsu pašu Andrītis, kurš mistiskā kārtā privatizēja lielo daļu no pārstrādes uzņēmumiem – bet ko ar tiem darīt, nejēdza, vienīgi “uzsist gaisā”. Vai arī cukurfabriku noandelēja nevis ārzemnieki, bet latviskākie latvieši, tepat no Kandavas, šodien Maltas pilsoņi… Varbūt zviedri vairāk mīl savu tautsaimniecību.

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