Oh my God, Becky – look at Pornhub’s statistics on Russia and anal sex videos

Someone who reads this blog has suggested that I write an overwrought essay about the latest Pornhub study, which has found that anal sex porn is “more popular in Russia than any other country.” Naturally, I am very offended by the suggestion that my writing is overwrought, and I am stomping my foot as IContinue reading “Oh my God, Becky – look at Pornhub’s statistics on Russia and anal sex videos”

Kiev without the politics

I was going to come home and write an epic, gif-laden post about Euromaidan. Instead I got here, took a look at the New Year’s decorations glittering across the dark distances in this strangely warm winter, and suddenly remembered that I’m a human being. So I took the time to eat actual meals, deep-condition myContinue reading “Kiev without the politics”

A non-statement on what is happening to RIA Novosti

In case you haven’t heard, RIA Novosti, the owner of The Moscow News, the paper that was the original reason for my move to Russia – the paper I currently run, that is – is being liquidated by presidential decree. And RIA, in my totally biased opinion, is not just the biggest Russian news agencyContinue reading “A non-statement on what is happening to RIA Novosti”

Anna Arutunyan does a liberal translation of Alexander Vvedensky

This is an excerpt from the “Guest on a Horse” poem: Sleek and simple was the stallion As transparent as a stream. Long of mare and hurried temper, Said that he would like some cream. “I’m the chairman of this meeting! Come to join you and parley. Teach me what to do, Creator!” God repliedContinue reading “Anna Arutunyan does a liberal translation of Alexander Vvedensky”


My first introduction to Greece happened when I was very young, and reading a rather liberal translation (more like an interpretation) of some Ancient Greek myths. It featured stuff like, “Hera was not classically beautiful, but anyone who had ever tasted the pleasures that fill the curves of a woman’s body appreciated her.” I believedContinue reading “Peloponnese”