My great reads of the year, so far: Kate Atkinson, Justin Cronin, Ali Eteraz, Graham Joyce

Life After Life: I’m a Kate Atkinson groupie and I love her recent spate of crime novels, but was so glad when she came back to playing with time and family and gnarled old fate in “Life After Life.” Maybe it’s the groupie in me talking, but I feel that Atkinson so rarely gets theContinue reading “My great reads of the year, so far: Kate Atkinson, Justin Cronin, Ali Eteraz, Graham Joyce”

Young women, stay away from Hugo Schwyzer

Older women too. Middle-aged women, this is about you as well. Men of all ages. Children. Other intelligent life-forms out there. Everyone, just stay away from Hugo Schwyzer, OK? Took me long enough to see what a dangerous, unhinged man he is, but I’ve finally seen it. I sincerely apologize to those of you whoContinue reading “Young women, stay away from Hugo Schwyzer”

Midsummer, 2013. I’m playing “The Last of Us”

I wrote this article about what it’s like to play “The Last of Us” the other day. It got me reminiscing. In the article, I make a passing reference to Russia in the 1990s, and how my friend said the same thing that I had been thinking for a while: some aspects of this most cerebralContinue reading “Midsummer, 2013. I’m playing “The Last of Us””

Against being broken

I’m not good at this whole “love” thing. I’m not good at this whole “family” thing. Not because I’m somehow prejudiced against these concepts, or because I find them boring, but because I’m a fractured person. I’m an old-time painting. Look closely, and you can see the cracks in the paint. I’ve discovered that theContinue reading “Against being broken”

A letter to my high school classmates

On my 10 year high school reunion I flew East, not West. I said “marhaba” to the Emirates border guard at passport control – perhaps even as the party wound down. I worry about the things that Homeland Security will say to me when I do, indeed, have a chance to go home. I worryContinue reading “A letter to my high school classmates”