Thank God we can’t afford Burberry Baby

… I guess? Then again, I can’t imagine most well-adjusted parents buying novachek booties. And by this I don’t mean that Alyosha and I are particularly well-adjusted. We just happen to find sanity an admirable quality. I am amused, and slightly petrified, whenever I observe so-called helicopter parents from a distance. And by this IContinue reading “Thank God we can’t afford Burberry Baby”

That one “Dealbreaker” piece on the college girl and the punky dude

I’ve of two minds about this piece. The headline is misleading, for one thing. And it starts out as if its trying to bait you – “I went to college… because that’s what people like me did.” As someone whose financial future has now pretty much been ruined by student debt, I have a knee-jerkContinue reading “That one “Dealbreaker” piece on the college girl and the punky dude”

Way down south

… From Kiev, that is – and Istanbul, as I always suspected, is just as glorious in May as Kiev is. It’s a different gloriousness – calmer, I think, less tragic (but tragedy is endemic to natives anyway – a foreign spring always feels gentler, it results in possibilities, as opposed to memories). Now IContinue reading “Way down south”

Poster for “Katya, Vitya, Dima”

As designed by the lovely Elena Shalkina, who is an artist and filmmaker here in Moscow. The movie is up for an award in Istanbul next month – in the international category at the TRT Documentary Awards. Alexey and I are really excited to be included in this competition. We’re planning on being in IstanbulContinue reading “Poster for “Katya, Vitya, Dima””