Poster for “Katya, Vitya, Dima”

As designed by the lovely Elena Shalkina, who is an artist and filmmaker here in Moscow.

The movie is up for an award in Istanbul next month – in the international category at the TRT Documentary Awards. Alexey and I are really excited to be included in this competition. We’re planning on being in Istanbul in the first week of May for the festival.

Annnnnnd here’s a two-in-one trailer that festival organizers have made available on YouTube:

You know, I’ve been trying really hard to find the right words as to how this movie should be described – and then someone at a party one night just said the following film: “It’s an art house flick – Rural Russia-style.” And that’s a very good – and succinct – way of saying what I’ve wanted to say about it for a while. There’s a tremendous amount of beauty and sadness portrayed here, in very unexpected ways, I would argue, and I’m happy and proud that I’ve been a part of this project (although to be perfectly honest, when my husband says, “We are so doing this” – it’s impossible to say no).

7 thoughts on “Poster for “Katya, Vitya, Dima”

  1. I’ll send you half of the box office receipts and 30% of the concession stand profits. We tack up a big sheet on the side of the barn and show it to the neighbors outdoors. They bring their own lawn chairs.

  2. This movie looks so wonderful that it almost hurts to watch the trailer! Will it come to Toronto anytime soon? (Or did it already and I missed it?)

  3. Interpritirovati possible on different!!!
    The Main sense – a Money not main in lifes!!!

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