Young women, stay away from Hugo Schwyzer

Older women too.

Middle-aged women, this is about you as well.

Men of all ages. Children. Other intelligent life-forms out there.

Everyone, just stay away from Hugo Schwyzer, OK?

Took me long enough to see what a dangerous, unhinged man he is, but I’ve finally seen it.

I sincerely apologize to those of you who have been saying it for years – many of your comments I had missed, others I just chalked up to a two-sided conflict of sorts. You know, people fighting on the Internet, the usual stuff. I never bothered to look closer. I have never imagined that he had been purposefully targeting his critics online, WOC bloggers in particular. Of course, having lived abroad for years now, I’ve had many other things on my mind instead of the feminist blogosphere – but it is also my old stomping ground, and honestly, the fact that we, all of us, let him run there unchecked means that we failed.

I sincerely regret linking Schwyzer approvingly in the past and being chummy with him on Facebook. I had bought into the notion that now that he had his beautiful wife and children in his life, the man HAD to have changed. Who would honestly screw a thing like that up? Stupid of me, I know.

I know a thing or two about what happens when scary men are allowed to run unchecked, which is why I’m saying it now:

People, stay away.

I have an “Idiots on Parade” category for posts on this blog. The idiot, in this instance, is me.

3 thoughts on “Young women, stay away from Hugo Schwyzer

  1. Kristin’s a good friend of mine – but I’m not going to defend her aggressive behavior there. I know she thought she was being “nice,” but that’s not how it turned out. She seemed to be implying bad faith – or else just implying that this girl was simply stupid or something. At the very least, that’s how it read, and even if Kristin didn’t mean it, it got ugly. I hope a few words of support over there did mean something, in the end. I hope this person isn’t going to be turned off feminist blogging for life now – but I’m not holding my breath…

  2. Mr Schwyzer is an erudite and affable man (on the written page), so don’t beat yourself up about having been taken in by his charm. I feel very sorry for him (in a neutral long distance sort of way), as I do when I see anyone reaping what they’ve sown.

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