Blogstroll Before Bed

Ali Eteraz continues to play the pheonix (that’s his new site, in case you’re wondering). And he makes appearances on the airwaves now too. Litbrit on Shakespeare’s Sister has more on Saddam’s imminent demise and what it ought to mean for Americans. Litlove, on the other hand, is spoiling us with her favourite reads of 2006. Of course, I thinkContinue reading “Blogstroll Before Bed”

Tickled All Colours of the Rainbow

Someone likes me. Today, I planned to write about what a travesty it is that none of my family members/friends/co-workers are even remotely considering giving me a naked (and perhaps caramel-covered) Orlando Bloom for Christmas, but I have now realized that there are gifts out there that far outstrip (har har) celebrity flesh. Thank you.Continue reading “Tickled All Colours of the Rainbow”

Rann and I had this Fascinating Argument

… About whether or not violence is ever necessary and what ‘necessary’ means, and whether or not ‘necessary’ = right, and whether or not what’s right ultimately matters (apologies for butchering a pretty deep, animated discussion, but it’s late and I have work in the morning). I base my beliefs on violence purely from personalContinue reading “Rann and I had this Fascinating Argument”

I think Bukowski’s overrated, but…

Take a look at this There is thing where I live, and I believe amongst all lower class people around the planet. If the woman gets hit once and leaves, she deserves pity and help. I’ve seen and helped several woman myself when their man hit them for the first time. I’ve seen poor peopleContinue reading “I think Bukowski’s overrated, but…”