Read, drink, and be merry

Fairy tales (modern, ancient, in-between) go well with spiked lemonade, ale, and honey-wine. Although Gregory Maguire goes better with scotch, and I mean real scotch, none of that donkey piss that is often disguised as scotch. And Kate Atkinson goes well with bubbly. Crime novels and hybrid crime novels go well with red wine. SpivakContinue reading “Read, drink, and be merry”

Come away, o human child… To be butchered in the wild

“You mean… They killed her?” asked David. “They ate her,” said Brother Number One. “With porridge. That’s what ‘ran away and was never seen again’ means in these parts. It means ‘eaten.’ ” “Um, and what about ‘happily ever after’?” asked David, a little uncertainly. “What does that mean?” “Eaten quickly,” said Brother Number One.Continue reading “Come away, o human child… To be butchered in the wild”

From my various reading adventures

…Mansoor handed her a wedding gift, a plain black abaya. The cowl was so finely woven that for a second she thought her father wanted to please her. But it was only her grandmother’s abaya; her father was complying with Shumla’s wish that the gown be handed down to her granddaughter.The silk caressed her hands.Continue reading “From my various reading adventures”