Of all pseudo-scientific bullshit…

This article on the BBC really takes the cake. Dr Devendra Singh scoured references to fictional beauties from modern times back to early Indian literature. He found that slimness was the most common term of praise from an author. So he’s researching literature. That’s all fine and well. We like literature. We’re on board… UntilContinue reading “Of all pseudo-scientific bullshit…”

Congratulations to Mr. Henry Baum

He of North of Sunset fame, author and blogger extraordinaire, is being picked up by a major, major agent. Let’s hope he does not forget us poor sods as he bathes in champagne, and let’s also hope that the major, major agent treats him well. Henry’s great, and he deserves this. It would be wonderfulContinue reading “Congratulations to Mr. Henry Baum”

Things my teachers didn’t tell me

LitLove has another interesting (per usual) post up, this time about literature’s insidious effects, particularly on a human being’s desire for a “solvable conundrum.” The post made me think about my own “dangerous” encounters with literature, and how I came to find out things I didn’t want to know (but perhaps needed to know nonetheless).Continue reading “Things my teachers didn’t tell me”

The Beauty Punch

Homemade peach cobbler courtesy of friends & neighbours makes me feel guilty. Scarfing down said cobbler while watchting girls get trashed on the Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency because of all too “real” waistlines ought to be in the Major Leagues of guilt, especially since I used to have the rail-thin model body that catty gayContinue reading “The Beauty Punch”