Monday music: abject writerly boredom

The traffic outside sounds like the sea. Also, the genius of Julian Barnes appears to be ruining my life, but more on that at a later date. Who The Fuck – P J Harvey Control – Poe Favorite Thing – the Replacements As If By Magic – La Roux The Bad Thing – Arctic MonkeysContinue reading “Monday music: abject writerly boredom”

Tuesday music: “would you like an abscess? Because that can be arranged!”

I am despondent, for all sorts of miserable reasons, but at least my lymph node isn’t as swollen up as it was this morning. Who knew that acute tonsillitis can go on for days with hardly any symptoms – until you’re on the verge of going septic, apparently? And you really do find out whoContinue reading “Tuesday music: “would you like an abscess? Because that can be arranged!””

Monday music: “some say life will beat you down”

Storms, storms all through the weekend, and me hiding from them in Lush and Topshop, mostly. Going through some of my old writing these last few days, I was struck how, at the age of 21 – 22, I felt that I would never be the heroine of a story again. That the stories wereContinue reading “Monday music: “some say life will beat you down””

Tuesday music: hand of God got me by the collar

I’m at a moment in my life right now, where it feels like anything at all is possible. I’m scared – and excited. I can’t decide whether I’m more excited than scared, or scared than excited. It’s like I’m having an internal monologue based on Owen Wilson’s lines in that little-known art-house flick, “Armageddon.” ChanContinue reading “Tuesday music: hand of God got me by the collar”

Monday music: dear, incredible Duke

Dear Duke – Anthem Gone to Croatan – Jah Wobble The General – Dispatch The Other Side – the Twelves Hand in Glove – the Smiths Souvenir D’iti – In-Grid Oblivion – Patrick Wolf Close to Me – the Cure Back to the Old House – the Smiths Come On, Come Out – A FineContinue reading “Monday music: dear, incredible Duke”