Tuesday music: “would you like an abscess? Because that can be arranged!”

I am despondent, for all sorts of miserable reasons, but at least my lymph node isn’t as swollen up as it was this morning. Who knew that acute tonsillitis can go on for days with hardly any symptoms – until you’re on the verge of going septic, apparently?

And you really do find out who matters and who doesn’t, in the process of something like this.

I’m Looking Through You – the Beatles
Dying Over Europe – Jah Wobble
Close to Me – the Cure
Bonfires (live) – Rickie Lee Jones
Green Eyes – Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
Ung & Sänkt – Ebba Grön
Fix You – Coldplay
Day Tripper – the Beatles
The Perfect Crime #2 – the Decembrists
Good – Better Than Ezra

Honey, you hurt me bad this time.
You nearly tore me from my mind.

Hm, you know, speaking of Better Than Ezra, here’s an appropriate childhood classic:

4 thoughts on “Tuesday music: “would you like an abscess? Because that can be arranged!”

  1. ay ay ay. so sorry that you’ve been physically ill, in addition to despondency. Do not mess around with swollen lymph nodes. If your doctor does not have you on some powerful medication yet, demand it. I know two people (one is me) who had strange viral infections that caused massive lymph node swelling and eventually thyroid issues. Thyroiditis is not serious, but it is for the rest of your life. I suspect that had I gotten better treatment for the initial weird viral infection I had a few years ago, I might not have thyroiditis today.

    Anyway, more than you ever wanted to know about endocrinology. Hope things look up soon. At the very least, the days are long and the light is gorgeous in Moskva at this time of year.

  2. Sorry, my medical knowledge is limited to watching Trapper John M.D. at some point in the mid-80s.

    1. Shake Your Booty by Public Enemy / 2. Six Feet Underground by Jason & The Scorchers / 3. Just Let Go by The Seeds / 4. Raise Your Hand by Eddie Floyd / 5. Love Will Tear Us Apart by Nouvelle Vague / 6. Ain’t Goin’ Away by Flat Duo Jets / 7. Moanin’ at Midnight by Howlin’ Wolf / 8. Turtle Dovin’ by The Coasters / 9. Down is Up (Up is Down) by The Delfonics / 10. Pet Communicator by Telepathe

    Whole lotta apostrophes.

  3. Yikes! Sorry to hear that, and hope that you get better quickly and as painlessly as possible.

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