“Glory to our brothers in arms”

Read the placards welcoming Western troops for the May 9th Victory Day parade in Moscow. This year, on the 65th anniversary of victory, Western military personnel will participate in the parade for the first time. Makes me glad, personally.

There’s been some stink raised by the Communists over this, but the Communists relish every opportunity to raise a stink. They’re as PR-savvy as anyone, these days.

Here are some pictures from the V-Day Parade rehearsal (from a charmingly disgruntled photographer who complains of lack of adequate press space and the sheer amount of rehearsals this year – as he puts it, “I suggest next year we start rehearsals in January, that way we can have 30 – 50 parades”).

And do you see those planes? I saw them passing over the city from my office window yesterday morning. Every normal Muscovite is jaded when it comes to these sights – I’m the one who still erupts in childish glee, but there are personal reasons for that.

V-Day makes me miss my grandfather. I wasn’t there to bury him. And so it goes.

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