I’m happy like a new mother is happy

When the theater festival in town gives her opportunities and excuses to drink wine with disreputable men who happen to be her friends, fret about some critics’ need for “catharsis” and kiss the disreputable man who happens to be her husband in the back of a cab at night. Other towns have other festivals, butContinue reading “I’m happy like a new mother is happy”

So I got married over the weekend

And here’s my favourite fuzzy iPhone photo from the reception, held at that den of vice known as Teatr.doc, perhaps one of Moscow’s most controversial and interesting theaters: Photo courtesy of Igor Stam – terrific actor and well-known hurler of bottles. Thankfully, no bottles were hurled on this occasion. I wore jewelry that belonged toContinue reading “So I got married over the weekend”

“Дочка” (“The Daughter”) being read at Lyubimovka

A photo by the lovely and amazing Anna Orlandina: Vladimir Snegurchenko, Alexey Zhiryakov, Natalya Nozdrina, Diana Rakhimova, and Alyona Ibragimova (seated). Snegurchenko came up from Kharkiv, and directed the two other Ukrainian plays that were part of the same project as mine – “Vasimilyatsiya” and “Simeini Lyudi”. He helped move the evening along. Zhiryakov directedContinue reading ““Дочка” (“The Daughter”) being read at Lyubimovka”