On the work of Kate Atkinson

When I was fourteen, I bought a copy of “Human Croquet” after reading about it in a magazine for girls (unexpected choice by the editor, I’ve come to realize). I had the original receipt for a while and jotted down the exact time, down to the minute, and place where the book was purchased. IContinue reading “On the work of Kate Atkinson”

Nobody’s hopeless, everything is broken

I woke up today and immediately saw two bits of news: The Russian Patriarch gave Dmitry Kiselyov, Russia’s top propagandist, a church award. I was baptized in the Russian Orthodox Church and, even though the church has always taken orders from the government in Russia (it was never the other way around, as many peopleContinue reading “Nobody’s hopeless, everything is broken”

Temporary shelters

The snow falls silently on the graves of the people I love On the graves of the people I would have loved If given half a chance The sky above my house is made of remembrances of raven wings And amethyst The pear trees my dead grandfather planted Offer their bark up to be kissed.Continue reading “Temporary shelters”

For God’s sake, Putin was not “hitting on” Peng Liyuan. Also, there’s nothing wrong with Russian chivalry

WATCH: Putin puts coat on #China's first lady during #Apec summit http://t.co/fu2l8BKOwr pic.twitter.com/ID7t4B3bFj — SCMP Lifestyle (@scmplifestyle) November 11, 2014 I woke up this morning to some people asking me if Vladimir Putin was “hitting on” the First Lady of China. He had been caught on camera wrapping a shawl/blanket around her shoulders at theContinue reading “For God’s sake, Putin was not “hitting on” Peng Liyuan. Also, there’s nothing wrong with Russian chivalry”

A statement on the state of things

I dreamed that a former lover took me by the hair Wrapped my hair around his wrist Like a chain. He beat the people he loved with me, Beat them bloody So that they could never hurt him again. And in the melee I wondered where he ended and I began. I called my hairdresserContinue reading “A statement on the state of things”