Temporary shelters

The snow falls silently on the graves of the people I love On the graves of the people I would have loved If given half a chance The sky above my house is made of remembrances of raven wings And amethyst The pear trees my dead grandfather planted Offer their bark up to be kissed.Continue reading “Temporary shelters”

London at the beginning of spring

The bump and I made it over for a media conference – a very good media conference – but its contents sadly don’t fit the format of this blog, though they do fit the format of my work. It was good to wind up back in London precisely at that moment, reminding yourself that LondonContinue reading “London at the beginning of spring”

Delwar Hussain on homophobia in Tower Hamlets: hmmmmm

The awesome Andrea tweeted a link to this piece by Delwar Hussain on Comment Is Free, and as much as I think the author’s intentions are good, his attempts at making sense of the homophobic violence plaguing the multicultural Tower Hamlets borough result in several assumptions that just don’t sit right with me. First ofContinue reading “Delwar Hussain on homophobia in Tower Hamlets: hmmmmm”

London has thrown me on the pavement and ravaged me

In a good way. So far. That’s why I am not blogging; I am too consumed with living life. In these short, brilliant bursts that can’t possibly be referred to as “days,” every detail wants to be noticed and fawned upon, from a silk scarf flapping in the wind like a standard to a distantContinue reading “London has thrown me on the pavement and ravaged me”