Monday Music: the London in Raging Bloom Edition

I’ve got the dirt of Regent’s Park on my jeans, and I am headed to Scotland tomorrow. The music here should be able to capture at least some of that, if my technology is as smart as it claims to be:

Heads Will Roll – the Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Windfall – Son Volt
Light of a Fading Star – Flogging Molly
Heroin- Velvet Underground
When I Grow Up – Garbage
Bryn – Vampire Weekend
She’s Electric – Oasis
Party Hard – Andrew W.K.
Sugar Blue – Jeff Finlin
Krynychenka – Katya Chilly

There. Perfect. I knew it.

In honour of my trip to Scotland, here is an acoustic version of “Geraldine”:

I’m totally terrified of traveling alone, so, you know [insert offensive, anti-feminist joke about being raped and killed] – I hope you MISS me if something AWFUL should happen. Or if I decide to give up on this life of writing and adventure, and settle somewhere around Susan Boyle’s home village, and do guided pilgrimages to her favourite supermarket for the rest of my earthly days.

3 thoughts on “Monday Music: the London in Raging Bloom Edition

  1. I’m sure you’ll be fine travelling without your usual retinue of chauffeur, butler, maid, etc – and you’d better come back to London, or there’ll be Big Trub, oh yes.

    Srsly, have a fab time.


  2. OK…WP is acting funny on my end, so sorry if this posted three times. >.>

    Yay! “She’s Electric” is one of my favorite Oasis songs. And I haven’t heard a Flogging Molly song I didn’t like.

    Hope your trip is as fun and awesome as this week’s play list!

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