Monday music: “some say life will beat you down”

Storms, storms all through the weekend, and me hiding from them in Lush and Topshop, mostly. Going through some of my old writing these last few days, I was struck how, at the age of 21 – 22, I felt that I would never be the heroine of a story again. That the stories wereContinue reading “Monday music: “some say life will beat you down””

So this is what happens in this old Stalinka sometimes

What you see here is a kitchen sink full of sludge. To be precise, this is a kitchen sink full of sludge after some extensive cleaning efforts – so you can imagine just how much sludge was originally there. The sludge was also on the floor. The pipes were being cleaned – and so IContinue reading “So this is what happens in this old Stalinka sometimes”

Uh, so I moved countries again, ya’ll

This is my 4th international move in 3 years. My stuff is still firmly scattered across three continents.  I am still out of breath. I’m kind of hoping that I will be able to catch it. I’m kind of hoping that I am done bouncing around for at least some time. It’s not too muchContinue reading “Uh, so I moved countries again, ya’ll”

“And she always knows her place”

Once upon a time, I was grocery shopping at one a.m., because I rock like that. And because, well, there were actually a couple of 24-hour grocery shops near to where I live (this is all part of a great cycle of enabling – “why buy orange juice and bread after I’m done with work,Continue reading ““And she always knows her place””

Tuesday music: hand of God got me by the collar

I’m at a moment in my life right now, where it feels like anything at all is possible. I’m scared – and excited. I can’t decide whether I’m more excited than scared, or scared than excited. It’s like I’m having an internal monologue based on Owen Wilson’s lines in that little-known art-house flick, “Armageddon.” ChanContinue reading “Tuesday music: hand of God got me by the collar”