Uh, so I moved countries again, ya’ll

This is my 4th international move in 3 years. My stuff is still firmly scattered across three continents.  I am still out of breath. I’m kind of hoping that I will be able to catch it. I’m kind of hoping that I am done bouncing around for at least some time. It’s not too much to ask, I don’t think. Just slightly more demanding than the old “dear God, please don’t let a brick fall on my head” request.

From my desk, I can gaze upon one of the ugliest modern monuments that exist in the world today.

From my bedroom, I can look at one of the most beautiful odes to Stalinist architecture, and watch the Moscow River run on and on.

7 thoughts on “Uh, so I moved countries again, ya’ll

  1. You are quite the world traveler and I hope to one day at least travel to some of the places that you have lived

  2. When I was 20 I was saving up for a trip to Russia, I was going to go and just…go. I had a good job and was banking quite a bit.

    Then I had a The Kid, and life threw me a curve or five, and while I am seeing the world, and it is fabulous, I am seeing the wrong part for what my heart desired. So, I am a wee jealous. But I love reading about if from your view. I hope you are happy there, and I hope that there are some photos, even cliche ones, in the future.


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