Quote of the freaking decade

…Because part of living a full life is getting drunk in bars, and when you’re drunk, the fresh night air and the silence of the streets is the best fucking thing. Walking home drunk is not an unfortunate expediency, carelessness or irresponsible behavior. It’s a pleasurable experience. It’s a liberating experience. And women should be able to do these things for their own sake, not just when we’re stuck without a ride, or “made a mistake,” or didn’t realize how late it had gotten, but because while we’re here, we’d like to live a little. And fuck the consequences. – Apostate.

I’ve always had a contentious relationship with Apostate’s blog, but it’s stuff like this that ensures that I can’t stay away. I’d like to put this on a t-shirt – a silk one that ties with little strings at the back, so you can feel the air on your skin.