Um, so the response to Elizabeth Lambert’s ponytail-yanking incident isn’t sexist or anything…

Elizabeth Lambert, a University of New Mexico football player (that’s soccer, to my fellow Americans – I think “soccer” is a stupid word and try to use it as little as possible, OK?), was involved in a pretty violent incident on the pitch and it wound up on YouTube. She was suspended from the team,Continue reading “Um, so the response to Elizabeth Lambert’s ponytail-yanking incident isn’t sexist or anything…”

Sluts! Feminists! Tom Wolfe! Again! Headdesk!

Can we please stop resurrecting the writer who has his panties in such a twist over the fact that some women aren’t afraid of the “slut” label anymore that he even wrote an entire bad, bloated novel about it every time this stupid conversation about young women and sex happens? This is about as oldContinue reading “Sluts! Feminists! Tom Wolfe! Again! Headdesk!”

Alina Rudya and the Kyiv Post – a great disappointment

This op-ed in the Kyiv Post is a bizarre mixture of truth and utter BS. For what it’s worth, I’m willing to believe that the author means everything she says. Unfortunately, half the time she says stuff that makes me feel like stuffing glass shards beneath my eyelids. For example, this: I won’t tell youContinue reading “Alina Rudya and the Kyiv Post – a great disappointment”

Abortion is Not the Issue

Looking over this discussion on The Hand Mirror – a discussion spawned by the Catholic Church’s genius handling of the issues surrounding the rape and impregnation of a nine-year-old Brazilian girl – I am once again struck by what a huge red herring this entire ZOMG ABORTION thing is. Here’s a fact: abortion has alwaysContinue reading “Abortion is Not the Issue”