Sluts! Feminists! Tom Wolfe! Again! Headdesk!

Can we please stop resurrecting the writer who has his panties in such a twist over the fact that some women aren’t afraid of the “slut” label anymore that he even wrote an entire bad, bloated novel about it every time this stupid conversation about young women and sex happens? This is about as old as Ruslana at Eurovision, for God’s sake.

Quoth Tom Wolfe:

And the girls — it used to be even if they were total sluts, they always insisted they were virgins.

Oh, for the good old days of double-standards. Then again, I don’t know. There is a streak of such bitterness running through I Am Charlotte Simmons, that Dr. Sigmund here has to wonder how much of this is actually sour grapes.

That’s totally changed, and along with it comes a change in language in which girls talk the same way as the boys. I call it the f— patois.

I cringed with secondhand embarrassment when I read this response years ago, and I am cringing again right now. Other people were cringing at Tom Wolfe that year too, which is why Charlotte Simmons won the Bad Sex in Fiction Award.

So why is this guy relevant to the discussion of modern female sexuality again? Because he’s an old, rich white dude who looks great in a suit? I see.

Honestly, I don’t like bashing Wolfe, I really don’t. He’s a stylish older man with an endearing smile and lots and lots of talent. He charms me, despite his ridiculous, horrible statements. I’ll cop to that. BUT HE STILL HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOUNG WOMEN AND THEIR COLLEGE SEXUAL HABITS, OK?

Oh, and, classy headline there, ABC. “Sluts or New Feminists?” – huh?

Hat-tip to the lovely Jill Fillipovic.

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