Today, November 20, 2008, is Transgender Remembrance Day

Please take a moment to acknowledge people who have lost their lives, people denied their dignity – even in death, and people who are told, over and over again in a particularly ugly version of a never-ending mad tea party, that they shouldn’t even exist. Some links: The Quick and the Dead How to MournContinue reading “Today, November 20, 2008, is Transgender Remembrance Day”

Angie Zapata and white-hot hatred

Following, and leading up to, the murder of Angie Zapata, the feminist blogosphere has been experiencing a new round of discussions on OMIGOD trans!!! If you want more context, please read this righteous post by Lisa Harney. To me, some of the eruptions on the topic are reminiscent of “Reefer Madness” or promos for “TheContinue reading “Angie Zapata and white-hot hatred”

Shorter Debs: “I want to be Natalia’s scratching post”

What’s up with the snark lately? Maybe I’m not getting enough love and/or proteins. Or, actually, maybe I’m just freaking tired of trans bigots. Take Debs. Hey, a lot of the posts on her blog are actually quite useful andinformative, especially if she provides links. Alas, she also has this thing against trans people. EvenContinue reading “Shorter Debs: “I want to be Natalia’s scratching post””