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A guy who trolled on my old blog (I am currently returning the favour), is spouting off about beating women who “blacken” a man’s honour in the comments section to Ali Eteraz’s emotional, controversial, almost hopeless post on honour-killings. Out of morbid interest, I took a loot at his website and found this and this. Seems like this little violent psycho is in some serious denial. Commenting on these people’s fantasies is a giant waste of time, but sometimes I can’t help it.

Speaking of Ali, JihadWatch recently slammed him for basically disagreeing with terrorism. He just doesn’t fit into their mould of what a Muslim “should” be (i.e. violent, nasty, sexist, with a scraggly beard and a predilection for goats, *yawn*).

The writers of Feministe have their own exciting petting zoo when it comes to comments from imbecile he-men.

Meanwhile, my friend Salvage, who regularly engages in masochistic explorations of Debbie Schlussel’s pointless babbling (I wish I had his stamina), has recently discovered that yes, she is indeed “the very stupidest wingnut featured on hfn” (this has to do with “Snakes on a Plane,” and you wouldn’t want to miss THAT. Let’s admit it, we’re all in love with “Snakes on a Plane,” even if we haven’t seen it yet).

Guess what product won at Feministing’s Second Annual Disturbing Product Poll?

Guess how the “colonialist” losers are reacting to the threat of feminism when it comes to snatching up Slavic women they can, ostensibly control? I am not going to link to the website, because I find repulsive, but here are some quotes:

“[Russian Women] understand that to make the BEST Babies require the BEST Husbands with the BEST Loving Environment possible. When you read a common Internet agency profile on any number of Russian girls how often have you seen the phrase, “I want to make a happy family”. I’m willing to bet that you’ve seen this or a variation of it quite a few times. Now guys.. does it get any more obvious then this?”

“So hopefully you get a sense for what a genuine Russian Woman is. It’s not so hard eh? If you are around one and you feel that baby making machine peculating through her behavior towards you then that’s all you really need to know. She shows respect to herself because she honors the awesome power of that machine within her. The way she also behaves towards you as a man will also directly reflect this and it is the BEST way for you to discover what a Genuine Russian Woman is.. or isn’t..”

Feminism is a POTENT Adversary in many ways. And in some key areas I would even consider them a “Worthy Adversary”…

Feminism has greatly succeeded in also creating a deep sense of SHAME for any man who DARES to reject them and exit their circle.


“You are a Loser!” [Took the words right out of my mouth]


“You can’t find a girlfriend or a wife in your own country!” [Probably. It’s likely that he can’t find a girlfriend or wife that will at least pretend to put up with his bullshit]


“You obviously are an Awful man since you are rejected by any women you meet!” [Basically. The rejection stems from a desire to control. Unable to do that to a financially independent woman, he seeks out a destitute foreigner]


“What is wrong with you?” [Many, many things.]


“You are not a REAL man” [“Reality” should always be put in quotation marks, but I am tempted to agree]


“Foreign women are desperate green card hounds!” [Foreign women are smarter than you think, basically, but nooo, a fetishist would be way too threatened to admit it]


As a Russian-speaking woman who was born in the former USSR, and as someone who, thankfully, doesn’t have to take shit from any pot-bellied fetishist, these things both amuse and nauseate me. You should see the Americans, Englishmen, and Germans who try to sidle up to me back in Ukraine, and you should see their disappointment when they discover that I have a Western education and a complete lack of interest in their wallets and greasy bodies. Every once in a while, they ask to meet my friends. A fellow Eastern European once suggested to me that yeah, I should let them meet my friends: “Vova. Pasha. Alexei and Oleg. In a dark alley somewhere.” I am not a fan of violence, though, not even against these dipshits.

A full blog-post on this ought to follow. Soon.

6 thoughts on “Weird Wide Web

  1. Natalie, do you have dark black hair and black eyes, like someone from the republics? If so, would marry you, but you know that you could not possibly carry on your sort disobedience as a wife, at least not in public.;)

    By the way, what is your banner or header depicting..what is it supposed to be telling the audience about you?

  2. This is a Renaissance painting by the Italian artist Girgione. The woman, or should I say, goddess, depicted is Venus. The painting illustrates both intense eroticism and the veneration of the Divine Feminine.

    I suppose if one were to judge me based on my use of this painting, they would come to the conclusion that I believe God is at least in part a She, and that eroticism is a good thing.

  3. Devine Feminine, eh. Before the days of wisdom, man used to celebrate the feminine (e.g., in ancient babylon and other places IIRC) There isn’t anything wrong with eroticism per se, but there is a time and a place for everthing, a line demarcating the proper from the improper, decent from the indecent, and so on. That is how I see it. I think that we can both agree here;)

  4. “Man,” if by that you mean “humankind,” celebrates the divine feminine still. Not everyone is as phallocentric in thought and deed as it may seem. I think a painting of Girgione has its time and place everywhere, at least wherein my personal space is concerned.

  5. That Islamofascist site is SOO gonna get some comments, this will be more fun that lighting a bag of dog poo in front of Osama’s cave. 🙂

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