“I am a leaf on the wind, watch how I soar”

This woman did not get emergency contraception on time, and is now pregnant. She already has three kids, and plans on getting an abortion. She lives in a red state, in a red county, which means that in order to have her abortion, she will most likely have to pass through an abusive mob. She has received death threats, insults, and, in one case, a fake e-mail on how to cause a “natural miscarriage” using deadly herbs.

I too was denied EC once. And treated like a slut when I asked for it. And encouraged to lie about being raped. Luckily enough, I did not get pregnant, but if I had, I would have also gone to have an abortion. And you can bet that I would have been public about it. All the cowards hiding behind their computer screens, sending hate-mail to a mother, threatening to rape and kill her, they could have just as easily gone after me, which is why what’s happening to BB is more than horrible, it’s personal. It’s a rude reminder of the threats against American women’s rights and dignity. It’s a loud bloody wake-up call, like a foghorn to the ear.

In light of all this, idiots who claim that women in this country have “all the rights they need” really make me laugh.

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