Oh Sweet Baby Jesus

They call this a “Purity Ball”

I first encountered this freakshow on Feministe.

My favourite has to be girl who wants to be a “wedding gift” for her husband. Damn, honey, you are not a gift-wrapped blender! Don’t let the skeevy grown-ups tell you otherwise!

5 thoughts on “Oh Sweet Baby Jesus

  1. I think that if you and K get married, you should dress up as a blender and he should dress up as your father. Won’t that be godly and just peachy? Yay for jesus-freaks!

  2. Why did they have to keep saying “godly love.” That’s almost as bad as “this will be our little secret” (number one one my creepy list, along with the words “moist” and “ointment” and the song “Happy Together” by The Turtles)

  3. That just gave me the willies in ways definable and those not…you just know some of these dipshits are going to run with the ‘I control the sex life of my little girl’ ball. People are wildly stupid, often.

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