On Voting for the First Time

I had this stupid grin on my face the entire time. It was raining, Mapquest screwed me over on the way to the polling station, and, to top things off, my pants started to fall down as I scurried over to the ballot box. So there I was, wet and tired and with my butt practically hanging out for all the retirees to see, but nevertheless immensely pleased for myself.

The after-party hangover was cured by Rumsfeld’s resignation.

Keep on rocking in the free world indeed.

7 thoughts on “On Voting for the First Time

  1. I actually started to cry when I heard Rumsfeld resigned. I was so HAPPY. And the Dems have Congress! Ha!

    I never really noticed what an effect the corrupt, selfish, bigoted Admin. and Co. had on me – until yesterday. Because it feels like a weight has been lifted and I am 5 years old again. The world is new with possibility!

  2. Natalia,

    A comment after much reading and lurking in manner of deranged but benign stalker.
    You have no idea but when I think of blogging I think of you, indeed when I think of the internet itself(!) I think of one Natalia Antonova (How bold to afix one’s name to the top of one’s own blog, n’est pas?).

    How did one woman come to be emblamtic of all that is blog-o-fied (Commodified?), internationalised, digitised and internet-ised?
    One does not know but one suspects it was a slow process of becoming enraptured by the smarts, the insight, the incisiveness, the humour and (fcuk it) the humanity on display with some almost intangible degree of other-ness, the source of which we can only speculate.
    Suffice to say; one likes it here, one does.

    Indeed I have been so enraptured that I have embarked on the process of reading all of your entries from beginning (Yes that beginning)to end.
    This has necessitated a falling behind in current posts as I race against your writing to catch up but it has become a hopeless task as you write and I read (or rather I have the opportunity to read) at such different rates that I fear I shall forever be in your past and never aware of the now.

    So in manner of defeated army slouching wearily but somewhat gladly towards home I’m giving that particular task over and I shall return to well, normal service.

    Thank you for writing Miss Antonova.
    I have no idea what’s been written on here in recet weeks but hopefully the best is yet to come.

    Be well and indeed, be happy,


    P.S. Rumsfeld resigned!!!
    Did we watch that live?
    One can bet we did.

  3. Oh my god, please don’t read my entries from the beginning, they’re total rubbish.

    Oh, and thanks guys!!!!!! It was awesome! Much better than the first time I had sex! (har har)

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