Men Who Write About Prostitution Tend to Piss Me Off

… Probably because they’re men, and, in some way, my prejudice tells me that they will never see women who sell their bodies as human beings. Particularly if the men involved are priviledged Americans and the prostitutes are from “the wrong side of the Iron Curtain.”

Nevertheless, I liked this latest offering on Common Ties.

As a feminist, I am not sure what to think about it. But I know, as surely as I know myself, that it’s going to stay with me for a long time…

… Well, at the very least, it will stay with me until I see another preview for the new 007 film (Mr. Craig is turning me into a convert, extremely late in the game…).

11 thoughts on “Men Who Write About Prostitution Tend to Piss Me Off

  1. I’m totally and utterly with Diamond on this one. A blonde James Bond? If Sean and Pierce couldn’t turn you onto James Bond…well then, geez, I guess we can’t be friends anymore 😉

  2. Oh girls!
    Less talk about Pierce and Daniel’s abilty to “turn you on” to the franchise.
    At root DC is part of a concerted effort to bring a new mood to the movies – an attempt at realism (Like, in the context of a Bond movie) in the form of “gritty” action and an undercurrent of vulnerabilty.
    I think he’ll be great though wouldn’t Clive Owen have been better?


    P.S. I feel intensely sad for Leyla and her Sevya and I believe in the story far too easily. Economic and humanitarian development? Hmmm. Their bodies are their currency, their reality is based on their explitation of other’s lust/feeling for them. How can such a vast shift be engineered? It’s like telling the Irish to stop drinking. The task seems so… vast. Hmmm.

    But Bond, yeah.

  3. Leyla & Sevya – there are no easy solutions. There is a global solution, but even then, that’s all rhetoric at this point.

    Rann, Rann, Rann… Don’t you know that people who are deflowered by Anna never get said flower back? It doesn’t matter how advanced our science gets…. 😉

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