Yet another Internet love-fest…

I don’t go looking for reasons to dislike the human race, honest. They seem to plop into my lap out of the ether itself. From a comment thread regarding the latest American Idol dust-up:

Do you have a daughter? Is this whore the type of person that you want her to look up to and idolize?

The show is called American Idol, not American Slut.

Is it somehow okay to you that little girls idolize s [sic] person that also has photos on the Internet with a penis in her mouth? Is this somehow acceptable behavior now? Is this how we define our society?

She should be shunned from society for her indecency.

She’s no idol. She’s trash who will probably end up being in even more porn.

Without going into too many details – the so-called BJ photos of the hapless American Idol contestant appear to be doctored – not that the modern moral crusader ought to care about such petty details.

I’m going to design a new t-shirt. It will read: Who Would Jesus Shun?

All profits will go to my mental health fund.

3 thoughts on “Yet another Internet love-fest…

  1. I recognise the comment… it’s on my post. Thanks for distributing it.

    I’m not a Christian, but still, the tee-shirt idea is cool.


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